The delicate reinvention of an iconic organization.

The PGA is founded on tradition, excellence and the integrity of its golfers, sponsors and all of its members. It’s not an organization that is prone to change. And for the last twenty years, they ran the “These Guys Are Good” campaign focusing on the players and their incredible skills. But when it was time for a change, they trusted us.

Golfers change. Values are enduring.
Golfers come and go, get injured or lose their relevance. So, we worked, at first, strategically with the PGA to shift the focus away from the players to the values of the organization and how those values translate to their fans, the ones who make up the huge galleries at the tournaments and those watching on television who are often overlooked but critical to the PGA Tour’s success. to walk the delicate balance between reinvention and preservation.
Introducing Live Under Par

Strategically, we capitalized on the fact that the entire sport itself is interactive. No other sport brings the fans as close to the action as the PGA does. We created relevant and timely stories throughout the schedule to show the relationship the fans have with the sport.

“Live Under Par” become a mantra and rallying cry connecting the fans to the players. Creatively we created a unique look that frames the action and celebrates the experience. The line and the look have been fully adopted by the PGA Tour and lives wherever they are promoting the organization or an event. See it in action at

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