Performance Marketing


Our Performance Marketing Group uses 10 years of experience in over a billion dollars in online and offline ad spend to drive impact for our performance partners.

This is a unique risk-free way to drive profitable new customer acquisitions that meet the KPI’s they define.

Many companies say they have performance divisions, but most are masked in what amounts to a top of funnel lead generation program without much attention to quality of customer.

We not only drive scalable leads but insist on teaming up with our clients to understand conversion metrics to meet ROI goals thus creating long term relationship where everyone wins.

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“Exclusive + Quality + Scale, Please”

In the Home Improvement, we forged a partnership with leading Home Improvement brand who was looking to generate exclusive leads with unwavering quality from new channel sources that provide scale.  Our Partner did not have a broader media footprint beyond digital.

The Challenge

  • Selected serviceable zip codes only
  • Multi-tiered national dealer model
  • Phone and Appointment Leads
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The Outcome

  • Expanded their print presence and added short-form national TV ads, allowing them to be present in media they deemed were risky, had trouble being successful in, or where a portion of impressions fall outside of their serviceable area
  • We were able to determine, after 4 months, the viability of multiple media sources and effected:
    • Within Year 1 sales growth of 266%
    • Provided over 1.3 billion media impressions and 20,000+ leads
    • Within Year 2 continued to significantly grow the target media through format expansion, frequency and a rolling creative strategy
    • 120% + Leads conversion eclipsing digital lead performance
    • Elimination of waste through deployment of call routing solution reducing lead costs of out of footprint leads
    • Performance Marketing Program that today generated in excess of $60m in annual revenues for our partners

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