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Data's Matchmaker.
Funny thing about data. It's everywhere and yet disconnected. We found that as the numbers grew, the data started to feel more and more isolated. Google wasn't talking to Facebook. Facebook wasn't talking to programmatic data. And Front-End Media and Back-End Impact were left completely in the dark.
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We created Helix to bring data together from disparate sources and become a single source for data dissemination, distribution, and democratization across a customer's internal and external platforms. Through a series of connectors and customization options, Helix allows virtually any data source to be ingested and joined within a singular data & reporting platform.

Capabilities include:
  • Functionality for reporting
  • Dashboarding
  • Visualization of data
  • Robust ingest/extract functions
  • Enhances outside data science and analytics platforms
  • Supports all client teams within Converge and with our external partners

Every day, Helix processes, collates, and disseminates millions of rows of data with over 10 billion rows processed to date.

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Data Optimization Systems
– The hardworking by-
product of Helix.

Data can swirl around, simply waiting to be analyzed and oftentimes ignored.

We give the numbers meaning and therefore power.

Data Optimization Systems is our lead capture and conversion tool that lives inside Helix. DOS is our proprietary way to use the data to inform buy and sell prices of leads, optimize traditional and digital marketing mixes, and help guide other strategic decisions. We marry the data to action to better evaluate which tactics are working, which ones aren't and how to course correct along the way.

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How It Works
  • We collect a significant amount of data on consumer interactions and identify opportunities for our clients based on that data.
  • We identify areas for improvement
  • Create more personalized and satisfying performance outcomes
  • Develop detailed consumer behavior tracking
  • Utilize the technology for real-time optimization
  • Combat leakage to create efficiencies
  • Find, attract and maintain qualified leads and acquisitions

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