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The Helix enterprise Business Intelligence Platform (BIP) helps you turn your sales and marketing strategy and efforts into meaningful and practical outputs.
Know how you are building your customer base or losing customers better.
Understand how all of your internal and external marketing and sales efforts and performing with one source of truth
Improve your data agility so that your business and foresee and react to risk and reward opportunities
Provide all stakeholders and functional teams with an unencumbered customized views of how sales and marketing efforts are impacting their areas of responsibility
Build a true data culture in your organization

Why Helix

Every business understands the importance of customer and business data – but few can harness its power at scale.

Sales and Marketing typically represents the largest financial budgets in any business and we believe that this function should lead the way in data centricity and sharing of business intelligence insights. Marketing and Customer Experience is a source of super rich data when tracked and aggregated appropriately with a nimble and accessible platform such as Helix’s BIP

What does Helix Do?

Take advantage of multi-function rich business and customer data.

You can outsource the complex task of data consolidation to us. The result is a single view of all customer data from any source for the very first time.
We reach beyond mobile, email, and web data to all the new data sources that inform your customer’s journey: Internet of Things (IoT), customer support, point-of-sale, chat logs – you name it.
Helix BIP takes the heavy lifting of your shoulders and gives you unprecedented and agile visibility into your customer, making data- driven marketing a reality. Your technology resources can be spent on working on key business initiatives.
Integrate all data across your martech and enterprise tech stack – from any format, across any time period Create and unify audience
Activate campaign channels with better context
The result is the ability for all teams to understand the customer based on a single version of the truth, and use the insight to segment more effectively, automate marketing tasks, and personalize the customer experience like never before.
Most business applications only look at the data in their respective silos (marketing, sales ops, analytics, product, IT, etc.), requiring a data engineer to connect it.

Helix unifies all this data – regardless of format – ensuring your customer view is always connected, current, and easily accessible.

Unify all the disparate sources of customer data throughout your enterprise, with a combination of automation and on-hand expertise, freeing up IT for other priorities.
  • Continuous data integration for real-time, multi-directional communication, persistent storage in a data warehouse with best in class security and data management.
  • Visualize data in multiple forms.
  • Manipulate data sets and avoid time consuming sublimation in excel and at the platform level.
  • Improve storytelling capabilities and utilize dynamic presentation methods
  • Helix Enterprise BIP allows you to cross reference your data with third party data sources, such a US Census, Weather, Demographic, Economic data and the like through Helix’s data bank of third party data points.

User Perspective

Helix’s genesis was to provide a platform to allow shareholders, C-Suite and an entire business organization to be comfortable in making decisions based on the context of real data and pure objectivity.

Our Approach


Validation of Strategy and understanding that money is not being wasted

Data connectors and technical information

  • Helix BIP integrates into a variety of data sources and systems, including:
  • The Helix API provides a mechanism for other IT systems to communicate directly with the Helix Enterprise BIP.
  • Full grade Enterprise cloud solution with multi-tenant architecture with full restriction and access control management that can restrict data access by company, team and user levels.
  • Data Center Security: Helix uses the market leading Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform to host the application, database and file storage.
More personalized customer experience
Finer audience segmentation
Better marketing through automation at scale
Better team collaboration
Meaningful eCommerce and Web Analytics
Customer Experience and Engagement
Audit of Marketing Partner Spends

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