Digital Marketing

Search Engine Marketing | Social | Programmatic | Display

Optimize and architect tactics based on each stage of the customer journey


Find our exact customers through pixel based tracking anywhere within the display eco-system.

Audience Targeting

Upload CRM data within Google’s suite of products including Paid Search, Gmail and YouTube.

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Performance Based Media
Drive high-intent leads generated by industry’s best practices (click-to-call, lead form-fill, etc)
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Retarget and Re-Message consumers based on various factors.

Strategic Search Planning and Execution

Successful growth in search (paid and organic) does not happen in a vacuum. To scale a search program you must consider the other marketing channels in-market.

Brand Awareness

Shelf Strategy

  • Top ranking positions often convey perceptions of leadership & ultimately drive conversions

Traditional Media Syncs

  • TV ads proven to have instantaneous impact on both brand & non-brand
  • Utilize bid boosting & ad copy cohesive messaging for 5-10 minutes after the viewing of a TV spot


  • Capitalize on TV dollars of competitors, bid boosting conquest campaigns (competitive keyword groups) surrounding the airing of their TV spots to keep our clients top of mind and maximize relevance

Direct Response


Standard/Traditional SEM leveraging all industry best practices

  • Match Type Campaign Structure
  • Bid Hierarchy
  • Granular, anti-blanket optimization approach

Custom Audiences (“in the mindset”)

  • Creating advanced pixel based, 1st party data, look-a-like, and ‘in market’ audiences to customize bids and ad copy and enabling maximum efficiencies

Display Overview & Strategic Approach

Media efficiencies play an important role in the success of a digital campaign… but finding the ideal target in the opportunistic mindset requires utilizing research and 1st & 3rd party data sets to identify, target and develop custom audiences with fine-tuned specificity. Optimize for the entire customer journey and architect the below tactics based on relevant triggers and offer messaging

Leverage a Data Management Platform (DMP) for extremely targetable and relevant consumer data to create and enhance Custom Audiences


Recommended data sets include:

  • Historical Real Estate Transactions,
  • Homeowner Affluence
  • Family & Life Stage Factors

Recommended Lifestyle factors include:

  • Number of Children and Adults
  • Head of Family Age
  • Life Stages: Retirees and Empty Nesters
  • HH w/ Assets: Having a 2nd home, a ‘starter home’

By detecting prospects early on in their process, before they even enter the market, this valuable information will be used to reach potential sellers before they consider traditional house selling methods

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