Traditional Marketing

Print | TV | Radio

Traditional media is a compelling and tangible medium that can captivate an audience and be integrated into a broader customer acquisition strategy.

Our traditional media reach is second to none – we have front row seat access to the widest range of traditional products and partners and can leverage our traditional buying scale for maximum impact both on an impression and cost basis.

Develop Traditional Campaigns

We help brands to develop visually appealing and technically sound traditional campaigns (Print, Broadcast, OOH, and Direct Mail)

monitor and track

We monitor and track activity and metrics across the traditional and digital mediums through our integrated know-how

Analyze Effectiveness

We analyze campaign effectiveness showing you both the tangible and intangible benefits

customer retention

We provide best in class customer retention and support as evidenced by our multi-year engagements with a myriad of clients

Curate & execute

We curate marketing plans and execute campaigns that will drive your most loyal and value rich new customers

drive efficiencies and results

We can help you drive efficiencies and results locally in a channel that can be so easily dismissed and with minimal risk


Converge and AT&T have had a longstanding and successful partnership since 2006. With over 12 years of plan development, strategic innovation, and analytical insight, Converge has become an integrated extension of the AT&T Marketing team. Our program began with a focus on DIRECTV Satellite TV sales. Now, as DIRECTV is part of AT&T, the program has grown into a multi-product acquisition tool across all of AT&T’s markets. With multiple objectives to drive sales to stores or to call centers, extensive testing was conducted to measure the impact of the proximity of retail location, product mix and messaging to performance.

Additionally, with over 50 traditional programs and hundreds of format options to consider, the optimal balance to achieve the client objective is complex. Through detailed analysis of client data, our team of media analysts and technologists identified performance trends and opportunities based on test results and our ability to manipulate large data sets utilizing our Helix analytics and data platform. Certain products had strongest performance closest to retail locations, while other products had strongest performance further from retail locations. This data informed a segmentation model built to identify the optimal message and media mix by sub-zip code.

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