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Search Engine Optimization

Strategy | Implementation | Analysis

Technical and Structural Review

  • We analyze your website to identify technical errors for quick resolution
  • Our team discovers new opportunities early in our campaign to add to your existing goals
  • We ensure proper tracking is in place across platforms for highly measurable performance reporting

Keyword Research

  • We identify relevant keywords and phrases pertaining to your business
  • We prepare a list of high priority phrases users search for to target on site
  • Our team develops a strategy based on opportunity, search volume, and current rankings

On-page Optimization

  • Our content team takes relevant keywords and blends it into on-page content
  • We edit and revise your content to improve readability and user experience
  • We use our test and learn plan to continuously track and revise our methods based on performance

Content Planning and Creation

  • We draft strategies surrounding content development to target new opportunities
  • Our content team curates new articles to target additional keywords for improved rankings
  • We generate strategies on improving design and user experience to increase engagement

Social Media Integration

  • We help you identify the social media platforms most useful for your business
  • We develop social posts to be paired with new articles we create for easy social sharing
  • Our team helps identify ways to utilize each platform to further improve your organic traffic

Link Profile Management

  • We identify off-page opportunities to help grow your audience
  • Our content team strategizes using these off-page opportunities to grow your domain authority
  • We help you collaborate with other sites for additional linking opportunities

Structured Data Development

  • We improve search engines’ understanding of your website to drive better rankings
  • Our team generates robust sets of schema data to implement on your website
  • This schema data will increase the likelihood of your website being eligible for featured snippets

Page Speed Analysis

  • We analyze your website’s existing site speed performance to identify areas of improvement
  • Our team provides clear, actionable insights to boost page load speeds
  • Our technical team works with you to implement site speed optimizations across all devices

SEO Reporting

  • We continuously monitor your website’s core KPIs to identify new areas of opportunity
  • We analyze data from internal and external searches to better understand your audience
  • We perform routine hygiene checks to identify on and off-site areas of improvement

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