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Marketing Intelligence


At the forefront of our minds, are the basic questions of why? and what if?

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Empower the C-Suite

Reassure decision makers that they are acting with full knowledge & understanding of all available data.

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Empower Teams Stakeholders
Perform root cause analytics on data to more easily identify and preempt customer satisfaction and improve performance.
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Single Source of Truth
The ability for all teams to understand the customer, to automate marketing activities and personalize the customer experience.
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Foresee and React
Visualize streaming data to monitor and deploy agile reactions based on real time intelligence.

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Our ability to illicit insights derives from our digital and offline data fluency as well as our heavy focus on decision sciences; that being said, this would not be possible without the flexibility of a system so be sure to check out Helix.

By investing at the outset to an unwavering data roadmap with our clients we are able to reap the benefits of the deep data and systems integration in a hassle free-way. We do the heavy lifting. This is also the secret behind us retaining our biggest clients since inception – it’s our commitment to trying to understand as much about our clients as possible and primarily through data.

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Data Visualization

Converge Applies Marketing Intelligence to Drive the Right Consumer

The Challenge:

A high end home improvement services provider faced a scenario where newly introduced media was driving a significant increase in calls and revenue. While the revenue portion was in line with expectations there was a significant strain caused by elevated call volumes in certain markets where the commensurate revenue wasn’t in line. This elevated call volume was leading to potential erosion and a lower conversion rate than typical.

The Solution:

Converge’s Marketing Intelligence team brought together multiple disparate data types to identify not just where performance differentiation occurred but also why it occurred. We were able to first identify the core variables across the media spectrum driving different consumer behaviors. This unlocked identification that roughly 20% of call volume came from a geographic footprint delivering only 2% of sales revenue. By adjusting the media alignment Converge was able to reduce unqualified call volume while maintaining current revenue projections and identifying attractive geography for future expansion.

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Expanding Media Evaluation to Enhance Predictive Forecasting

The Challenge:

As multi-channel attribution has expanded across digital platforms and existing models have advanced to accommodate different media platforms clients have struggled to make use of the data at hand. While credit assignment addresses past performance there is a significant gap in future predictability. Determining what to expect when investments shift is a widespread struggle despite widespread investment.

The Solution:

Converge’s Helix platform allows us to bring virtually boundless data points together to gauge cross performance. By blending multiple data streams into a cohesive data lake our marketing intelligence team establishes multi-faceted methodologies to predict performance evolution. The marketing intelligence team at Converge brings media expertise to the process understanding that pure data correlation is not enough to prove out the ultimate valuation of media. By use of best in class data processes, algorithmic approaches, and media experience Converge has closed to the gap of predictability while simultaneously better understanding the right sizing of media channels within expansively complex systems.

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