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Video and it’s Growth in Direct Response Advertising

Did you know that in the US, digital video ad spending is projected to increase by 34% this year versus 2018? As video becomes the norm across a number of media platforms, the demand for more engaging ad experiences is on the rise, even in direct response marketing where the most cost effective option is usually the one advertisers choose. Whether you are using it to shadow a DRTV campaign or integrating it into a blended media strategy, online video is a must have for any modern day DR campaign; and because some of the biggest problems with web attribution come from offline campaigns, online video can often provide greater insights and accountability than any TV ad with a URL thrown on the end card.
Per eMarketer, not only are adults on average spending more time online per day than ever before, average time spent watching videos online is up from 0 minutes in 2010 to 33 minutes in 2014!

I know what you’re thinking, watching a video and interacting with it are different things. Luckily, online video can be a largely successful as a DR tactic if done right. Delivering a compelling, clear message is essential. Don’t be afraid to make it personal. A user is more likely to interact with an ad if they feel that the presenter has identified with your product on a personal level. Give people a reason to relate to or associate with the presenter. How has your product or mission improved someone’s life or fulfilled its’ objective? That should be the message you get across to your audience. And of course, since we are direct RESPONSE advertisers, a clear, simple and compelling call-to-action is necessary. Users should see your video and not only understand but respond to your product.

Where should you run your video? 

Successfully integrating a video marketing campaign into your media mix requires a partner that can find the right time, place and content for your product. YouTube is the clear front runner and unmatched in terms of video content, which makes them a clear choice for any online video campaign. Despite any limitations one may find across this network, YouTube’s sheer popularity and reach is enough reason to want to have your ad running there.

What are the key metrics for success?

Because online video is so new to DR advertising, a struggle we face is that there are no consistent measures for success. A video streaming on Hulu may be completed upwards on 90% of the time, but will a user click the ad and buy your product? Not necessarily. I guess the answer here would be that advertisers should not take on narrow views that one metric is everything. Picking one metric to optimize on while disregarding the blend is a dangerous and expensive way to do business. Because the digital video advertising space is so fragmented, things like completion rates, engagement, viewability, ad fraud and CTR should all be looked at, but taken with a grain of salt when optimizing towards a conversion.

In conclusion, success in DR through online video is no longer limited by shallow pockets. By understanding your audience and providing them with a relevant, relatable message across the right platforms, online video can prove to be a successful conversion driver!

Linda Mordovina