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Hardware Stores Find “True Value” In Hyper-Local Advertising

Converge was recognized in Forbes for helping our client True Value use hyper-local digital advertising to reach their target audience. Through our strategic media partnership with MarTech company S4M, we executed a number of drive-to-store mobile ad campaigns centered around specific True Value stores during promotional periods.  The advanced marketing technology proprietary to S4M called ‘Dynamic Catchment Area’ helped us target potential shoppers based on their travel time to each store and the potential that they will buy, based on historical data of store visitation patterns and user purchase behavior.  As a result, True Value saw up to a 4x increase in store foot traffic and sales. What’s more, we were able to measure and validate the lift in store foot traffic in near real time using a 3rd party tool, effectively optimizing towards foot traffic in-flight by shifting impressions to the best performing creative messages and geos.

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